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You're a writer and know things - how does one become a comic book colorist?


Here are some quick thoughts:

• Colorists should have a portfolio of page samples showing professional quality coloring. 10-12 pages in your online coloring portfolio is a good sample pool. Only post your absolute best work in there.

• Having different coloring approaches with various styles of line art can show flexibility/diversity that could help show editors/art directors what you’re capable of.

• Colorists are the last part of the art production pipeline so they need to know their own productivity. Unfortunately they’re usually the ones who have to deliver awesome work as a project screeches in towards the final deadline. If you’re not able to deliver under the gun it will be tougher to find work.

• Make sure you understand the file format requirements for print and understand the differences between CMYK and RGB file formatting.

• Comic coloring isn’t necessarily about detailed rendering. It’s about establishing focal points and creating mood. Look to your favorite illustrators/colorists. Carefully analyse how they establish light, volume, mood, and focus.

• Make sure your coloring samples are done using pro quality line art. If the line art isn’t publishing quality than even the best coloring will look unprofessional/sub-par.

• Quite a few professional comic artists post large/high resolution line art image files on deviantArt, so that can be a good place to start.

• Like most comic work, you’ll probably start off working on small/low-pay indy comics or anthologies before referrals for bigger jobs come around if your work is good/consistent.

Best of luck with your creative pursuits!

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The Secret Origin of Barry Presh (A.K.A. Bobby Rubio)

I was in 6th grade in the 80’s and this is a series of Story Beat Boards of that time:

-Pocket full of quarters, playing at the local arcade.

-No Reading in the comic shop!

-The Ice cream man, playing street football.

-Slow Jamz, slow dancing with my first girlfriend, Lisa.

-Empire Strikes Back Breakdance!

-Smooth Talker, talking to my girlfriend on the phone.

-The Kiss, my first kiss.

-Lisa breaks my heart.

-Can’t rain all the time.

-I think I can.

For the backstories go to


So I am heading back to my hometown of San Diego, which got me to reminisce about when I was a kid growing up.

I just wanted to introduce myself to my new followers and show you what I was like growing up in San Diego.  Also, I wanted to show where my comic book dreams started, in sixth grade where I created my first comic character, the Charger!

Years have past and now I am a Story Artist for feature animation, but I still hold on to those comic book dreams!

See you guys at the Comic Con and at my Booth #1943!